Happy New Year 2020 - End of Mission.

Dear SusLaB3 2019 Fans:

Happy New Year for 2020!

Thank you for participating in the conference, and now we present the final version of the Special Issues.

The editors have complete a final meeting for this particular event on the editing of the special issue, and now we are going to end the mission. Thank you all for sharing your research and the knowledge for all of us, and we cherish the time that works with you during the Sus-LaB3 2019 conference.

You can locate the file for the final version of the special issue through the following link.


If you missed the due time for the publication of the special issue, we are still welcome you to submit your manuscript for the up coming regular issue of the Hsiuping Journal. please contact Prof. Wu by wujia@hust.edu.tw.

Looking forward to see you in the Sus-LaB4 2020 Conference, Thailand.

Editor C.J.Ou


Good News! Preview of Special Issue Vol-1 and Vol-2 is online!

Dear authors:

Please check your manuscripts for the special issue. Note that at this stage we only permit minor revisions concerns the format issue. Please return your request of revisions before Dec.11, to the Execute Editor  Prof. Wu by the following email address wujia@hust.edu.tw.

LINK:  https://drive.google.com/drive/u/2/folders/1oRI5Rp-YKH5RQyBf9MWBXAxkaeZHnnSv

We will do our best to serve you, however, please accept our apology that the editing office will reserve the final decisions on your revision request to make sure the publication date of this special issue on time, since we believed that the manuscript is been approved by the authors before your submissions.

Thank you for your support on Sus-LaB3 2019 conference.


Editor C.J.Ou


All the Formal Letter of Acceptance is sent to the authors

Dear Authors:

Please check your email and confirm the information. We are very happy to serve you for the past few months. Pre-print of the PDF files (online) will be provide to all of you in a short time. Thank you for supporting Sus-LaB3 2019.

Sus-LaB3 2020 will be hold at Bangkok, Thailand. Hope to see all of you in the conference.

Editor C.J.Ou


Why my paper is not on the list?

Dear authors:

The following list is the contributed papers that complete the revised manuscript according to the Hsiuping Journal Format. If your paper is not on the list, you might nor complete the reformat task. Please check the email send to you on July 30 with the following messages:

"After we received your formatted manuscript, a draft generated and check by the publication office will be sent to you for your confirmed, along with a formal letter of acceptance signed by General Editor Prof. Liang."

You are still welcome to send your revised manuscript to hsiuping.journal.special.issue@gmail.comaccording to the Journal Format before the final deadline September 23. After that we will help you to rearrange your papers as the regular issue 40, which will be scheduled on year 2020.

Editor C.J.Ou


Update information

Dear Authors:

Recently we are communicate with the authors for manuscript revisions, we apology for the delay on the final publications, thank you for waiting.

Four  papers are selected as the regular issue for Hsiuping Journal Issue 39, and 11 papers are arrange for the Special Issue Vol.2.

Regular Issue 39 Papers : B54, E99, L104, M85

Special Issue Vol.2 Papers: B105, D93, E43, E112, L10, L53, L77, L79, M65, M83, M84, M100, T9

Accepted letter will be send to all of you before the end of this week.

Editor C.J.Ou